Mackenzie Johnson never underestimated the power of the song – or the internet, for that matter. After teaching herself to play guitar at age 15, Mackenzie began uploading covers and original songs to her YouTube channel. Now 23, the singer-songwriter and Pennsylvania native has garnered over 425,000 YouTube subscribers and nearly 40 million views. Her DIY attitude, individuality, and musical versatility all played a role in securing Mackenzie a spot as a bona fide YouTube music star.

As she continued to make her way up the rungs of the YouTube ladder, Mackenzie was simultaneously honing in on her songwriting skills, striving to create music with honesty and originality. She utilized the online medium that first got people listening in order to test out new material. Her thousands of loyal listeners wanted more. For Mackenzie, songwriting suddenly took on a whole new meaning. It was no longer just a personal outlet for the songstress, but a way to bring people from all walks of life together. Mackenzie has been on a quest to encourage and empower fans all over the world ever since. And she shows no signs of stopping now.

In early 2016, Mackenzie connected with hit songwriter, producer, and publisher Frank Rogers. It was apparent upon meeting that the pair had a lot in common, especially when it came to their outlook on music-making. Their shared vision for creating art that stands out sealed the deal, quite literally, and in December of 2016, Mackenzie signed with Fluid Music Revolution, Frank’s joint venture with Spirit Music Nashville. Together, they hope to become Nashville’s next musical force to be reckoned with.