Jon Moodie, frontman of rock trio Jon and the Jones, resides in NYC, a far cry from his life-long home in a quiet Catskills town. Weaving across the rock genre, Jon’s rare voice is both sultry and biting, while his emotional flow shakes you. From boy prodigy in trumpet to guitar, music led Jon to his core talents as a singer and songwriter. Jon first formed Grassroots Beginnings with John Bernstein and went into the studio with Grammy-nominated producer John White to record a debut EP.

In 2010, Jon’s songwriting was recognized, and he was signed to an exclusive songwriter deal by Big House Publishing. In February 2012, he produced ten solo showcase songs. Blogger Loren DiBlasi notes, “Armed only with a guitar and a powerful, enchanting voice, Jon Moodie is a genre-bending storyteller poised to make some serious waves. Equal parts blues, rock, indie, and even reggae, Moodie takes the notion of the folksy singer-songwriter and turns it on its head–and then some.” By end 2012, Moodie’s natural stage presence and complex arrangements compelled additional musicians, and finding drummer Helen Destroy and bassist Brian Stanley they evolved quickly into a band. In 2013, Jon and the Jones were signed to BHiMG. Within four months, they knocked out an album’s worth of raw material.

Moodie says, “Each track bares a solitary facet of us as a rock band, and it’s really this upcoming album as a body of work (and the ones to come) that begins to define us.” The first single off the LP, “Firebreather,” premiered on in late 2013 while the band puts its finishing touches on the remainder of the album through 2014. The album was recorded in part at Jungle City (engineer Dan Tobiason), tracked with notable Al Hemberger (The Loft Bronxville) and Oliver Strauss (Mission Sound), and the LP is being mixed by Dan Tobiason for distribution under Caroline. Notable performances at The Mercury Lounge, BB King’s, Drom, and other hot NY venues have quickly built the band its local buzz. The LP is set to release Q1 2015 while a 4-state northeast tour, radio appearances, local and festival performances are being lined up.

Drew Hopkins, Former editor of “Spin” and “Interview” says: “Jon Moodie is a talent as large, subtle and complex as I have encountered, with a voice as soulful as his melodies are haunting, and lyrics that speak as movingly of sorrow as of love, of bitter regret as of transcendent joy. In Jon Moodie, I believe may be found a talent that could well come to define a generation.”