Combining accordion-riffed nostalgia and teenage angst acoustic guitar, punctuated by graveled and howling Scottish-toned vocals are adolescent prodigal brother duo JR GREEN.

JR GREEN calls out to us with their debut EP “Bring The Witch Doctor”. An honest, confessional debut; Feral, poetic and at the core a sound of Scotland which reaches out to a modern folk.

Written with Scotland’s west coast beaches and bleak bothies as their backdrop, but distinctly distilled on the grimy floors of last night’s party, makes this end-of-the-bed written debut release a perfectly crafted collection of songs describing “strange ideas of love”, “neon tears” and “the broken youth”.

JR GREEN’s debut EP has grown from childhood introductions to the likes of Steeleye Span- but after the then aged 7 and 9 brothers’ move to Strontian, a remote Scottish village a few miles from the most westerly point on mainland Britain, it was the sweaty floored Ceilidh life and teenage introduction to The Strokes and The Libertines that has just ten years later, made for, in their words, a “Low-fi traditional skronk” sound.