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The Spirit Music Group team strives to drive maximum value to our songwriters and artists everywhere by leveraging our strong industry partnerships. Select global partnerships our clients benefit from include:

  • Global Performing Rights Organizations
  • Music Streaming Services
  • Sub-Publishing Network
  • TV Networks & Film Production
  • Companies for Sync Placement

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Our catalog encompasses iconic music from songwriters, artists, producers that span every genre and style to complete your project.


At Spirit Music Group, we have 100,000+ songs, so you can find the right music for a commercial, TV show, video game or anything else you need.

More Opportunities for our Songwriters, Artists & Producers

As one of the top independent music publishers, we know songwriters need new opportunities to bring their music to the world. We want you to focus on making music, so we can aggressively pursue more opportunities for you.

With offices in New York, Nashville, Los Angeles, London, Miami, and Amsterdam, your songs are sure to reach a global audience.

With a deep catalog spanning seven decades and every musical genre, Spirit has earned a strong reputation as an aggressive royalty administrator and a peerless promoter of its songs into film, television, and advertising productions, as well as a range of new media. Through proactive career and legacy partnerships, Spirit drives new opportunities and strengthens brands for its clients and songs with bold ideas and robust marketing campaigns.

  • Global Royalty Collection
  • Film & TV Sync Opportunities
  • Video Game Placement
  • Global DSP Partnerships