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Hailing from Oxford, Mississippi, the lo-fi duo Bass Drum of Death have made a name for themselves in the world of bluesy garage rock. The project centers around singer/guitarist/bassist/drummer John Barrett, who started recording his rambunctious, D.I.Y. rock music in 2007. Known for his raw sound and gritty performances, Barrett initially recorded and performed all the music himself. However, when playing live shows, the band is joined by drummer Colin Sneed, adding an extra layer of intensity to their performances.

The band first made waves with the release of their EP “Stain Stick Skin” on Fat Possum Records in 2008. This early release showcased Barrett’s knack for crafting catchy, energetic rock tunes with a lo-fi aesthetic. Building on this momentum, Bass Drum of Death released their full-length debut album, “GB City,” in 2011. This album included the standout single “Young Pros,” which helped to further establish the band’s reputation in the garage rock scene. “GB City” was well-received for its infectious hooks and raw energy, characteristics that have come to define Bass Drum of Death’s sound.

In 2013, Barrett moved to Innovative Leisure for the band’s sophomore album, self-titled “Bass Drum of Death.” This release continued to build on the foundation laid by “GB City,” featuring more of Barrett’s signature bluesy riffs and garage rock vibes. The album was another step forward for the band, solidifying their place in the rock world.

After a few years of touring and developing their sound, Bass Drum of Death released a new song, “Heavy,” in 2018 via The Century Family and RED MUSIC. This track marked another evolution in the band’s sound, showcasing their ability to adapt and grow while staying true to their roots in lo-fi, garage rock. With a discography that spans over a decade, Bass Drum of Death remains a dynamic and influential force in the world of rock music, continually drawing in new fans with their energetic and unpolished style.