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Gabriel S. Hardeman, Jr. (December 13, 1943 – June 23, 2012), was an American gospel musician, pianist, and leader of the Gabriel Hardeman Delegation that included his wife Annette. He started his music career, in 1976, with the release of Gabriel Hardeman Delegation by Savoy Records. Along with his wife, they formed Birthright Records, and in 1981 they released the album Talk along with Feels Like Fire in 1983. His fourth album, To the Chief Musician, released in 2001 by Crystal Rose Records, and this placed at No. 12 on the Billboard magazine Gospel Albums chart. Hardeman was a noted songwriter along with his wife Annette of such songs as 1987’s “I Feel Good All Over” by Stephanie Mills and “Love Under New Management” by Miki Howard in 1989.