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Shaun ‘Kangol’ Fequiere is one of rap/hip-hop’s true pioneers.

The mid 1980s groups he formed, UTFO and Whistle, launched a unique style and lyric approach while also being among the first of the genre’s artists to manage a complete crossover to pop.

UTFO’s first hit, story song “Roxanne Roxanne,” stormed both R&B and pop charts and spawned no less than twenty ‘answer’ records. Follow-ups “Fairytale Lover,” “Split Personality,” and “Pick Up The Pace” remain hip-hop standards. Whistle broke ground as well as its “Nothin’ Serious Just Buggin” topped rap radio playlists and became another style trendsetter.

A Kangol-penned Whistle track, “Right Next To Me,” was covered on the platinum debut of Columbia artist, Blaque.

One of Kangol’s newest songs, “This Year,” appeared a few years back on a Christmas release by 3LW.