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Nobu (birth name Timothy Prater) was born on September 11, 1988 in the small city of Spartanburg, South Carolina. As a child, Nobu spent a lot of his time drawing, playing basketball, and being creative with his friends. His mother was a nurse, and his father worked for a manufacturing company.

Despite no musical background or studies, Nobu has always had a great interest in music. At the age of sixteen, he received a ‘Boss Dr-3’ drum machine from his parents. Nobu spent endless hours teaching himself the basics of music production and just 4 years later he gets his first break by co-producing music for famous comedian D.L Hugley’s Netflix special “RESET”.

Nobu was a member of The Classmatez, a group of four talented young men, producers and songwriters. In 2014, The Classmatez moved to Los Angeles to pursue their music career(s) and then parted ways in 2017. Nobu continued working with artists, teaching, and building his career.

He has worked with artist such as John Legend, Rick Ross, Sabrina Claudio, Stacy Barthe, Jordin Sparks and others. In 2015 Nobu received his first billboard charting album(s) (Stacy Barthe’s “Becoming” & John legend and Rick Ross’s “Black Market”). Nobu has also composed music for commercials, one of which was aired in 2017 during the Image Awards.

Nobu currently lives in Los Angeles, where he has positioned himself to work alongside Grammy Award winning producers/songwriters and upcoming projects with major artist. Aside from working with others on their projects, he’s also focused on his own collaborative release.