Tony Green

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Better known as one of Canada’s most successful record producers, Tony Green racked up an impressive resume as a songwriter as well. In 1979, an exuberant dance track titled “Come To Me” served as an ideal debut for one of Tony’s discoveries, a 16-year-old singer named France Joli. The single became a global smash, hitting the Top 20 in America and dominating turntables around the world. Green nearly topped himself with Joli’s follow-up, “Heart To Break The Heart,” which also became a dance standard. Among a series of new artists launched out of Green’s active studio in the wake of Joli’s success was young Freddie James, whose “Get Up And Boogie” and “Too Young To Fall In Love” won both Canadian and US dance fans in big numbers through the early 1980s. Spirit represents Green’s latest productions in addition to his entire three decade output.