Alan Wilkis / Big Data

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Big Data is a paranoid electronic music project from the Internet, formed out of a general distrust for technology and The Cloud (despite a growing dependence on them). Helmed by producer, Alan Wilkis, Big Data aims to explore the relationship between man and machine, and how the Internet has reshaped the human experience.

Spirit creatives have strategically synched Big Data across various campaigns and properties, including Taco Bell’s 2014 advert for its Spicy Chicken Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos, the feature films ‘Focus,’ ‘Veronica Mars,’ and ‘Earth To Echo,’ television programs ‘Grandfathered,’ ‘Girlfriends’ Guide To Divorce,’ ‘The Originals,’ ‘Trophy Wife,’ ‘Graceland,’ and ‘House Of Lies,’ and ‘MLB 14: The Show’ for Sony PlayStation.

Big Data released his debut LP, ‘2.0,’ featuring the singles “Dangerous (feat. Joywave)” and “The Business of Emotion (feat. White Sea),” via Warner Bros. in 2015.