Matthew Morrisey

Producer / Songwriter
License Music
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Born and raised in North Carolina, Matthew’s love for music began at an early age, boasting a wide range of musical influences from Phil Collins to Radiohead; and Rascal Flatts to Kanye West. Playing in local rock bands in high school introduced Matthew to writing and producing songs, which led him to study music at the university level. After completing his education and working full-time in higher education for years, Matthew felt Nashville pulling on his heart and made the move, giving up a steady life for a part-time barista position and a dream. After working for years, he gained notoriety for producing Lily Rose’s radio single “Villain”, as well as penning and producing other works in her repertoire. Matthew continues to work with Lily, as well as other independent and signed artists in country, pop, and Christian genres. He has had songs recorded by Darius Rucker, Lily Rose, Jenna Paulette, Mae Estes, Peytan Porter and more.