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The Escape Club, which includes lead singer Trevor Steel, lead guitarist John Holliday, bassist Johnnie Christo, and drummer Milan Zekavica, broke out of London’s club scene and signed with EMI Records in 1986. While the group’s debut album, ‘White Fields,’ was a limited success, their 1988 follow-up on Atlantic, the Chris Kimsey-produced ‘Wild, Wild West,’ went gold behind the strength of the ubiquitous breakthrough hit title track, a chart-topping single, as well as singles “Shake For The Sheik” and “Walking Through Walls.”

The band returned in 1991 with the more rock-oriented ‘Dollars & Sex’ album, led by singles “Call It Poison” and “I’ll Be There.” The latter, written by Steel after the death of a close friend, connected with a wide audience and became the band’s second Top 10 single.

In addition to representing the band’s classic catalog, Spirit Music is partnering with Steel – an active writer/producer via his Sunday Morning Records imprint in Australia – to represent his recent and future work with such successful artists as Short Stack, Because They Can, and Die For You. He and Holliday are also finishing up a new Escape Club project.