Ryan Creamer

Producer / Songwriter
License Music
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Raised in southwest Ohio, Ryan is no stranger to the beaten down paths between the various college towns and the rock clubs that occupied them. After high school Ryan joined the Air National Guard and served two years of active duty during Operation Enduring Freedom and it was during that first deployment that he started writing songs. Once Ryan got home, he immediately started looking for open mics to test his material before graduating to local coffee shops and dive bars. During the next four years Ryan formed a band and travelled the Midwest playing rock clubs, opening spots for major label artists, and everything in between. Ryan learned every detail he could about the music industry from the driver’s side of a twelve passenger van.

Before his commitment to the Air Force had ended, Ryan had developed a deep passion for writing and recording, and a move to Nashville was already in the works. Upon arrival in the Tennessee Valley, Ryan went directly to work, writing as much as possible between working in bars and doing odd jobs to pay rent. Ryan began to hone his skill set in the studio as well. He started tagging along to work with his roommate, a staff producer for an indie publisher at the time, to gain experience as a studio assistant. Using the knowledge and experience to help push the sound for his own work and to gain pathways to collaborating with more artists and songwriters, he would eventually engineer on Atlantic Records 2015 release Firekid.

And it was in late 2015 Ryan met writer/publisher/producer Frank Rogers. The two instantly connected on songwriting and their desire to help shape the course of music. After several months of meetings and writing together, and just a week after the birth of Ryan’s first child, Frank signed Ryan in early 2016 as the first writer to his new company Fluid Music Revolution, a joint venture with indie powerhouse Spirit Music Nashville.