Emerging 22-year-old writer, producer and pop artist Sawyer Utah began his musical journey writing songs in his bedroom at the age of 7. He was raised in the college town of La Crosse, Wisconsin, where he performed his first open mic at the age of 8.  As he continued into middle school and high school, he began mastering the art of engineering and production while honing in on his songwriting skills. After a conversation among family friends that connected him to music business veteran, Norbert Nix, Utah signed with Nix’s artist development and entertainment enterprise, VISCYRL. Utah’s songs quickly caught the attention of multi-platinum producer and songwriter Frank Rogers, CCO of Spirit Music Group, as well as Grammy-nominated songwriter and producer Gregg Wattenberg of Arcade Songs in New York. Together VISCYRL, Spirit, and Arcade formed a JV publishing entity to launch Utah’s creative vision on a global scale. Utah was fast-tracked into the songwriting circuits in Los Angeles, New York, and Nashville. He’s recently been collaborating with Zach Hood (single “Neon Skies” coming out in July on Arista Records), Camylio, Prateek Kuhad, Benzi Edelson, Jesse Fink, David Arkwright, Sophie Simmons and many others. His debut single, “Nights Like This”, was released on June 8th.