What are the different types of licenses?

License Icon Synchronization

Also called a “Sync License,” you’ll need this type of license to sync music with a video on film or in commercials, as well as social media apps or only exercise classes.

License Icon Lyric Reprint

When an author or creator includes Spirit lyrics (not the music) in a publication, they utilize a Lyric Reprint license. A separate license is required for the printed music.

License Icon Mechanical

You’ll need a mechanical license to record and distribute a Spirit song on CD or cassette, but also as a digital download through iTunes or Amazon.

License Icon DVD

For TV Shows and Movies released on DVD, publishers require a separate DVD license o use the music in that format (compared to the show or movie airing for one showing on TV).

License Icon Arrangement

Arrangement licenses apply when a Spirit song is made into sheet music or arranged for a new instrument.

License Icon Merchandise

Especially with top hits, producers need a merchandising license to print a logo or lyrics on a piece of band merchandise.

How much does a license cost?

The cost of a license differs between writers and mediums. Visit the licensing page and complete the form to start the process.

Can I submit a song to Spirit for licensing?

We do not accept submissions.

What's the difference between a composition and a sound recording? Do I need to get a license for both?

A Composition is the underlying song itself, consisting of the lyrics and the melody. A Composition is unique and one-of-a-kind. A Sound Recording, or Master, is a captured performance of a composition for which infinite versions can exist. You must license a Master in addition to a Composition if you intend to use a commercially released recording. Note that Masters are typically licensed through third parties such as record labels. 

How do I know if Spirit controls 100% of a composition?

Spirit Music Group has built relationships with the performance rights agencies such as ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC, which have public searches for additional research on composition owners.

What if I want to upload a cover of a Spirit composition to my YouTube channel. Do I need a license?

No, simply send us a link to the video, and we will claim and monetize our composition directly. Here is a great resource for Understanding Copyright Claims on YouTube.